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Cisco Umbrella
Role: CIO (Naked Man)

Hire A Wedding Videographer
Role: Dancing Guy

Sippy Cup
Role: Patron

Hanson McClain Advisors: Paycheck
Role: Bob

I (Almost) Got Away With It
TV Series (Season 8 • Discovery ID)
Jailbreak 360 (Best viewed at DiscoveryVR.com)

San Francisco Deltas Soccer

Comic Relief
Role: Comic Book Store Owner

Bunch O Balloons I Make Water Balloons in a FLASH!!
Role: Speedo Man

Rent vs Buy: The Mill at Broadway
Role: The Landlord

5 Gum Commercial
Role: Father

Role: Dad
I'll Beat Up Your Brother

Role: Rappin' Cop
How To Be An Awesome Hacker

Game Room Commercial
Role: Rogue

The Campaign
Role: Rogue
Episode 1 (web series)

SuperPower LOL
Role: Professor X
Sketch Comedy

Making of Jailbreak 360
Behind the Scenes
Discovery ID channel

Making of Comic Relief
Behind the Scenes

5 Gum Commercial
Behind the Scenes

Limidax Commercial

Just A Whisper (short film)
Role:Medical Doctor

Ellen Degeneres Show (Super Bowl commercial)
Role: Disappointed fan