After working over thirty years in the entertainment industry, I have returned back to my original pursuit of acting. Recent roles in the feature film “Before the Dark” (2017), TV movie “Rellik” (2015), and Discovery Channel VR 360º film “Jailbreak” (2016) have given me the momentum to undertake acting full-time. I started acting in the late 1970s in stage theatre and independent films, but credit a small role in the film “Soul Man” (1986), with actors C. Thomas Howell, James Earl Jones, and Julia Louis-Dreyfus, as my first real “Hollywood” level experience. This planted the seed in me to want a career in entertainment.

I attained Bachelor and Masters degrees in Theatre Arts and continued to act during college. Upon completion of my Masters degree I transitioned to the production side of film, television, and theatre. I worked as a union (I.A.T.S.E.) gaffer for the Walt Disney Company, worked various art department positions on film and television, and crewed hundreds of theatre productions. I’ve received multiple awards as a  scenic and lighting designer and have also received award nominations for my directing and acting.

I am lucky to be married to my wonderful wife, the Honorable Bonnie Gore, Vice-Mayor of the City of Roseville. I have a son serving in the U.S. Army and I myself am an Army veteran. My wife and I have also “adopted” into our family daughters who we encourage and mentor. These are what I consider to be the important parts of life and in these areas I am truly blessed. I have an amusing habit of only wearing red socks. They are electric and make me and usually other people smile. But I am happy to wear any color socks needed for an acting role.

I am on my second journey of the acting adventure and I am enjoying the ride and loving sharing the blessings.